How do I make a list?

I need a sequence of information, how do I do this in Cradle?

There are a number of ways to create sequences of information.

  1. You can create a hierarchy of linked numbered Cradle items. This will give you the full flexibility that every element is a complete item and can hold any information you like.

    Items in a hierarchical list
    Item Hierarchy
  2. You can simply type in a text frame. Text frames are free-form so you can type what you like.

    Plain text list within an item
    Plain Text
  3. You could (On Windows® systems) add an RTF frame which allows you to embed styled lists with numbers and bullets.

    RTF list within a frame
    RTF List
  4. Define a frame of the base data type LIST. This will provide a numbered, bulleted or plain list with a title and text element that is held as a sequence within the item.
    List frame type setup in Cradle
    List Frame Type
    Item list frame assignment
    Frame Assignment

    Cradle Item using a list
    List Use