How Not to Ruin Your Project With Office Tools


Your project is running and you have little time to finish it.

You need documents for customer sign-off.

Everyone has Office installed, so you do the engineering with Word® and Excel®, and perhaps a little PowerPoint® or Visio® for the complex diagrams.

When you finish, not only is the work done, but you have the documents for approval. So you’ve solved two problems at once, completing the work and documenting it!

Unfortunately, no, you haven’t.

What you have done is to lay the foundations for major difficulties later on, and until the problem is recognised and fixed, the mistake will become larger and more costly.

Your work is locked into documents and the information is:

  • Not centralised, so changes in one document are not automatically made elsewhere
  • Inconsistent, you have no single point of truth
  • Not traceable, so you do not know what is linked, and what is not linked Inflexible, if documents or their structures change, you have serious problems

The Solution

Separate the data from the document.

Watch this short video:
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From concept to creation, you, Cradle and 3SL!