How to Permanently Stop Windows Opening PDFs in Edge

Last Updated on 16th May 2017 by Graham Cotgreave

I know that this is not strictly Cradle-related, but for some time I and many of our customers have been annoyed that Windows 10 wants to use Edge to open PDF files. Yes, you can set Acrobat Reader as the default application, but after a while, Windows ‘forgets’ this setting and starts to open PDF files in Edge again.

Thankfully, there really is a solution. Unfortunately, it involves editing the Windows registry…

But, the good news is that after I used this fix a couple of weeks ago, Windows has not reset Edge to open PDF files, and PDF files are still being opened in Acrobat, as I want them to be.

If you have not seen the permanent fix, please look here:

I hope that this is helpful!