Show Link Types in HIDs with Colour

Looking for a way to brighten up your day?!

What better way than using Hierachy Diagrams (HIDs) that show link types in colour!

Hierarchy Diagrams (HIDs) are an excellent way to show the relationships between items in your database. The boxes in the diagrams are the items and their connecting lines are the cross references.

You can define a colour for each cross reference link type in the schema. If you do, then these colours are used to draw the cross references in HIDs.

This means that you can easily interpret the connections shown by the HID as, for example ‘has child’ or ‘is satisfied by’, or ‘allocated to’ relationships.

If you have not tried setting colours for your cross reference link types, please try it and see how this will transform the ease with which your HIDs can be interpreted!

Screenshot showing Example Hierarchy Diagram
Example Hierarchy Diagram