Symbol Colours and Defaults

Last Updated on 5th December 2018 by Phil Shaw

Control by Preferences or Per Symbol

Tired of having to change the colour of each symbol everytime you create one?

Well, it is possible to set the default colours for Cradle drawing symbols in the user preferences dialog. This can be over-ridden on a symbol by symbol basis using the colour palette or a colour set.

Below is a screenshot of where you can set symbol colours from preferences. Inside the symbol dialog along the menu ribbon. You can also select ‘Set colours’ which would change the colour of that symbol without having to go into preferences, making your life easier.

Symbol colour settings
Set Symbol Colours

This enables you to completely customize your diagrams with as much or as little colour as possible. Using colour to co-ordindate your projects.

Article updated 05/12/2018 – Added an inroduction and conclusion