Season’s Greetings 2022

Happy Christmas

To all those who are celebrating, 3SL would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

From all at Structured Software Systems Limited. #3SL producers of #Cradle

December 2022 – Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2022 newsletter from 3SL!

This newsletter contains a mixture of news and technical information about us, and our requirements management and systems engineering tool “Cradle”. We would especially like to welcome everyone who has purchased Cradle in the past month and those who are currently evaluating Cradle for their projects and processes.

We hope that 3SL and Cradle can deliver real and measurable benefits that help you to improve the information flow within, the quality and timeliness of, and the traceability, compliance and governance for, all of your current and future projects.

If you have any problems in your use of Cradle, please do not hesitate to contact 3SL Support here.

32-Bit vs 64-Bit

For our next major release – Cradle-8.0 – we are proposing to remove support for:

    • 32-bit Windows
    • 32-bit Microsoft Office
    • 32-bit Linux

We would like to know if this would have adverse effects for any of our current customers and any potential customers.  If you believe that removing 32-bit support from Cradle would affect you or your company, then please send your views and opinions to 3SL Support here.

Cradle-8.0 will not be released until mid 2023 at the earliest.

New User Training Course

We have a new training course available: Cradle User Course.

This course is ideal for:

    • Anyone who is new to Cradle and needs an overview
    • Anyone who is joining a team that has been using Cradle for some time
    • Anyone who has not used Cradle for some time and needs to update their skills

For further details, please see here.

New Configuration Management Training Course

We have a new training course available: Configuration and Change Management.

This course is ideal for anyone:

    • Who needs to apply specific workflows to the information in your Cradle databases, or
    • Who needs to introduce formal reviews and approvals into a Cradle-based project, or
    • Who needs to understand and use Cradle’s baseline mechanism, or
    • Who needs to apply configuration management, configuration control and formal change to a Cradle project

The course includes:

For further details, please see here.

This course has been included in our 2023 training course calendar as discussed below.

Public Training Course Calendar 2023

The courses available in 2023 are listed below. You can now see a list of the public courses available here within the Public Training Courses panel.

You can also book your place on one of the courses here.

For details of the modules in each course, please see here:

Project Administration Course

Learn how to configure Cradle to best support your project’s processes and to deliver that process support to your users. This is a great opportunity for project managers to understand their schemas and Cradle UI customisations.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • January 17th to 18th
    • July 18th to 19th

User Course

This course provides an overview of Cradle’s capabilities including best practices and includes demonstrations of the major Cradle features. This course is excellent for new users to familiarise themselves with Cradle.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • January 24th to 25th
    • July 25th to 26th

Requirements Management

This is a great opportunity for small teams, or just new team members to get started with requirements management in Cradle, including loading information from external sources, organising it, evolving it through your process, and then publishing the integrated information set that this creates.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • February 20th to 23rd
    • August 21st to 24th

Document Publisher

Make your output shine with this course that explains how to create and publish document templates using Cradle’s Document Publisher tool. Once you have managed your requirements, models, risks and tests through your process, it is essential that you can deliver essential, accurate and consistent project documentation directly from this integrated set of information.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • March 20th to 23rd
    • September 18th to 21st

Risk Management

Learn how to identify, analyse, treat and monitor your project’s risks, link them to your requirements, SBS and other information and manage these risks and their mitigations. This course ensures you can implement your risk management plan, manage your risk registers and publish your risk profiles.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • April 18th to 19th
    • October 24th to 25th

Test Management and Execution

Learn how to integrate a complete suite of test plans and test cases into your project data, and how to execute test runs of these test plans and cases so as to collect test results and associated data for each step in the test cases. Apply this mechanism at all module/unit, subsystem, system and higher levels to deliver the V&V, acceptance and governance of your project.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • May 23rd to 24th
    • November 21st to 22nd

Configuration Management

Learn how to use Cradle’s workflow and CM system to manage the creation and evolution of items of information, how to formally review these items into project baselines, and how to make formally controlled changes to new instances of these items.

The 2023 dates for this course are:

    • June 20th to 21st
    • December 12th to 13th

G-Cloud 13

The UK government provides the G-Cloud procurement framework for its departments and agencies. G-Cloud 13 is the latest instance of that framework, agreement number RM1557.13, and is available between 9th November 2022 and 8th November 2023.

3SL is pleased to announce that we have been accepted into G-Cloud 13,Crown Commercial Service Supplier logo and that Cradle is available as a variety of SaaS services through Lot 2 in this framework, and a range of training and consultancy services are available through Lot 3.

Cradle SaaS Services

A wide range of SaaS services are available through G-Cloud 13 Lot 2. For a summary of this Lot, please see here.

Each service includes Cradle licences, a user-configurable schema, and a comprehensive support package. The SaaS can be delivered for both UNCLASSIFIED (IL0) and OFFICIAL (certified IL3) deployments. The services are:

Cradle Training/Consultancy

A range of configurable services are available to support a Cradle deployment through G-Cloud 13 Lot 3. For a summary of this Lot, please see here.

These services are:

    • Consultancy
    • Administration Training
    • Fundamentals Training
    • Advanced Lifecycle Training

Social Media

Over the past month we have discussed:

3SL Celebrating 35 Years

1st December 2022 marks our 35th year of trading.

35 Years
3SL Celebrates 35 Years

Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends past and present. We’re proud to have been of assistance in your projects.

Thank you to all the staff who over the years have changed Cradle into the multi module full lifecycle suite it is today.

Structured Software Systems Limited’s official start date was 1st December 1987 and trades under the catchier moniker 3SL.

Happy Christmas

May we take this opportunity to wish you, our wonderful customers, suppliers and distributors, season’s greetings and a peaceful and Happy Christmas. We wish you all the best in 2023.

Happy Christmas based on Photo by from Pexels
Season’s Greetings


Well 2022 seems to have gone so quickly, in writing our December 2022 Newsletter, we take a look back at what happened:

  • All 3SL staff returned to the office
  • Cradle-7.7 released
  • Snapshots – a read-only copy of information in a Cradle database at a specific point in time
  • New dashboard dial types
  • Ability to test sending Cradle email alerts
  • Cradle- released
  • ISO-9001 recertification
  • G-Cloud 13

And Finally

That’s all for the December 2022 Newsletter, and indeed this year. If you would like to suggest a topic for next time, drop us a line