3SL/Cradle Videos – Subscribe and Request

Extra Videos

We want to increase the number of videos in our YouTube channel and we need your help. So please:

  1. Subscribe to the channel!
  2. Tell us what types of video would be most helpful, for example:
    • General demos of capabilities, such as traceability, using trees, view, or reviewing items
    • Demos of individual operations, such as capturing source documents or creating a query
    • Building a Cradle schema
    • Or something else!
  3. Tell us your preferred maximum length for a video, for example < 10, 5 or 2 minutes
  4. If English is not your first language:
    • Do you prefer a human voice or a computer-generated voice?
    • Is it helpful to also show text notes inside the video?

If you know some topics that you want to see in a video, tell us what they are!
Thank you for any help that you can provide, either as comments on this discussion, or by e-mails to me at: mark.walker@threesl.com

Screenshot of 3SL YouTube channel
3SL YouTube channel