Wherever You Are

Local Location, Remote Location?

No matter where Alan is he can get to his project. This remote access could be through WorkBench or Web Access, both part of the Cradle suite.

If you have access to a browser you can configure your installation to allow remote access  to your projects enabling the most common functions to be performed from anywhere in the world.

For full power (offering all the requirements management software and systems engineering tools available), users access the same projects via the WorkBench application. Provided the network allows, a client installation of WorkBench can also access the CDS (Cradle Database Server) from around the globe, but a Citrix installation may be more desirable allowing remote access to a server / multi client installation.

Iamge showing Cradle connectivity
Cradle connectivity

The tool provided to web users is really the contents of web pages displayed in their browsers. These pages are created by the CWS from:

  • A set of HTML templates, at least one for each type of item in the database
  • A set of page designs supplied with the CWS
  • The items in your database

The user has full control of the contents of these HTML templates, e.g.:

  • What the web interface looks like
  • What facilities it provides
  • How these facilities are accessed
showing same item in Web Access and in WorkBench
WorkBench or Web Access
Article Updated 04/02/2019 – Added Image showing connectivity and more info about Web Access