Birthday Voucher Discount

Celebrate 3SL’s 30th Birthday Year with a Discount

To help celebrate 3SL’s 30th year we’re offering £30** discounts*.

30th Birthday Cake
30th Birthday Discounts
* terms and conditions apply
** fixed equivalent € and $ available

We hope you’ll agree that Cradle is already a great value package in any of its single user or enterprise versions. It combines a hugely powerful Requirements Management tool for massively scalable requirements engineering, with Model Based Systems Engineering capabilities (MBSE). From the initial inception of  your project through the elicitation, analysis, design, testing and documentation phases of your project, Cradle is there to support you. With this birthday offer we’re giving you even better value, or offering to support a charity – see ‘Enterprise licences’.

Single User Product Discount

User 3SL30 for a £30 discount see ‎
3SL30 – Discount Voucher

Use the special discount voucher code to get £30** off any single user product. If you’re not already on the latest version of Cradle, this is an ideal opportunity to upgrade.

All you need to do is enter the ‘secret’ £30** discount voucher code in the “Discount Code” field  at the bottom of the shop checkout page.

Need help finding a discount voucher? (Look closely!!)

Enterprise Licences

We will offer £30** off EACH licence purchased during the offer period. This may be taken as a discount from your invoice or you can nominate a registered charity of your choice and 3SL will make an equivalent donation. If you find your project is expanding and you add a single REQ licence for another engineer you can claim one £30** discount / donation. If you are buying a new set of licences for a project say 5-REQ, 2-SYS and  1-DASH that’s a total of 8*£30 = £240 off the licence cost, or a lovely donation to a charity of  your choice.

(*) Terms and Conditions

This promotion is made by Structured Software Systems Limited (3SL) (address below)

This offer is available from 1st May 2018 to the end of 3SL’s Birthday Year 30th November 2018. Discount will be applied to the cost of the published price.
Discounts will be applied to customers entering the discount code.
(**) Discounts will be applied as GBP 30 or EUR 35 or  USD 40 as appropriate, when purchased directly through the 3SL shop

There is a limit of one discount voucher per purchase on the website. Customers wishing to buy multiple systems may benefit from a discount off each system by making multiple purchases, applying a new voucher to each purchase.

Discounts / charity donations for Enterprise licence purchase  are through discussion with or agreements from 3SL UK Headquarters only.

This 30th Birthday offer can not be used in conjunction with any other discount voucher offer that may be made available by 3SL.

This offer is subject to alteration or withdrawal at any time by 3SL.

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