Calculations in Cradle

Last Updated on 21st September 2017 by Phil Shaw


It’s possible to calculate values for display, query upon or to set a category within a Cradle item. Calculations can perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


  • Open Project Setup and navigate to the Item Definitions section.
  • Ensure you have categories set up to contain any inputs you require. In this example Width and Length of type Real have been added and also an additional category of Area also of type Real.
  • Select the Item Types tab
  • Add these categories to your item type, here it is to the Bedroom item
  • Choose Calculations and add a New one, here called Floor Area
  • Create the calculation, in this case multiplying [@CAT:Length] * [@CAT:Width] and set the output type to Real.
  • Optionally set a category with the resultant value, in the example this is Area
  • Save the schema and return to the main interface.


  • Edit the item to include values for the categories that are inputs to the calculation.
  • Save the item and the calculation will be updated and in this case also set the associated category.
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