Querying a Range

Last Updated on 28th September 2017 by Graham Cotgreave

Categories and Calculations in Range

When running a query it is possible to specify more than just a single value. Categories and calculations with a numeric value can be queried to exist in a range. For example querying a range for categories, or calculations that have a numeric value can be tested for the mathematical values:

  • Is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • Is in range
  • Is less than or equal to
  • is less than
  • is more than or equal to
  • is more than

It can also be tested against the logical

  • Is empty
  • Is not empty

or textually

  • Contains
menu showing numeric query specifiers
Numeric Query Specifiers


The following screen shot shows the result of running a query against all of the item type and re-running with a range calculation.

The top half of the display shows the calculation having 14m2 up to 22.5m2, but the query Mid Floor Area limits the return to those between 15m2 and 20m2.

result of running a query witha nd without a range
Querying a Range
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