Cradle Public Training Courses 2022

Training Course Dates for 2022

3SL are offering a number of Cradle public training courses in 2022.

Cradle Online Training
Online Cradle Training

Public courses are ideal for companies;

    • with a small number of candidates
    • starting using Cradle but not needing an industry tailored course
    • using more advanced features

These courses are an alternative to the tailored, industry/implementation specific consultancy and training offered by 3SL. This makes for a cost effective solution, where you’ll benefit from all the normal learning, with the advantage that a public course will have the chance to network and share with other virtual attendees from other industries.

Following feedback our online courses have been split into smaller part day sections. (a two day course will now be delivered over four ½ days). This will allow candidates a longer break from training screens and more of an opportunity to put in practice some of the topics covered. When returning to the following session any questions can then be resolved.

This calendar is subject to change. Courses may be added removed or altered depending on demand. Booking will become available through the website shop for credit/debit card transactions prior to each course. For purchase orders and transfer payments please contact 3SL.



March – 21st to 24thDocument PublisherOnline learning tutored course.
4 * ½ days.
April – 20th to 21stProject AdministrationOnline learning tutored course.
2 * ½ days.
May – 23rd to 26thRequirements ManagementOnline learning tutored course.
4 * ½ days.
August – 15th to 18thRequirements ManagementOnline learning tutored course.
4 * ½ days.
September – 20th to 21stRisk ManagementOnline learning tutored course.
2 * ½ days.
October – 5th to 6thUserOnline learning tutored course.
2 * ½ days.
October – 17th to 20thDocument PublisherOnline learning tutored course.
4 * ½ days.
November- 21st to 24thRequirements ManagementOnline learning tutored course.
4 * ½ days.

If you would like to be kept in touch with the details for Cradle public training courses 2022, please send an email to

Buy Now

All courses are available for direct purchase online.

Courses are offered by Structured Software Systems Limited (3SL) (address below)

All courses are subject to the terms, conditions and details given below and any noted pre-requisites / conditions for each individual course and general terms and conditions of 3SL.

General Course Conditions

Places on the course are subject to availability and subject to change. 3SL reserve the right to cancel or amend the course at their discretion. Confirmation of the planned course will be given 5 weeks before the course date. Payment must be made in advance, candidates places will only be allocated when 3SL has received full payment. Cancellation by candidates more than 5 weeks before the course will result in a 50% refund, cancellation less than 5 weeks before the course will forfeit the complete payment. 3SL will not be held responsible for any losses directly or indirectly occurred as a result of a course cancellation, except to the limit of monies paid directly to 3SL.

3SL reserve the right to close bookings for the course at any time.
3SL reserves the right to refuse entry to the course for any reason without discussion.

3SL will do their best to accommodate any access or learning needs delegates may have. However, we do ask that you make these known to 3SL at least a fortnight before the course date so we can work with you to meet your requirements.

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** Details of General Pre-requisites
  • Recommended browser Chrome.
  • A mini opener application may need to be installed when launching GoToMeeting from LogMeIn Inc.
  • Cradle can be installed from the Resources menu at
  • You will also need a valid trial licence for the Enterprise version of Cradle.