Create a Document Output

Produce Documents From Your Cradle Data

Produce documents from your Cradle data, launched straight from WorkBench.

Document Publisher is an automated document output tool that interacts with Microsoft® Word. It is used to produce professional high-quality reports from the information held in a Cradle project database (PDB).

Document Publisher works by combining a user-defined template with information held in your project to generate dynamic content including, hierarchical headings, paragraphs of body text, tables, diagrams, figures and embedded data.

Full control is provided for paragraph styles, section numbering and captions.

Powerful data filters and parametrics can be defined to supplement database querying. Conditions under which particular attributes are to appear in the output can also be specified.

Document Publisher can be launched directly from start menu, or from within Cradle WorkBench.

Whist the video above shows a draft document being produced, formal document versions can be produced as described in How to publish formal project documents.