Cyber Essentials and IASME/GDPR Assessment 2020

Cyber Essentials Assessment

Structured Software Systems Limited (3SL)  are happy to say that we have been successful in our re-assessment under the Cyber Essentials

scheme for another year.

Cyber Essentials Badge
Cyber Essentials Badge

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

IASME Assessment

Assessment for the IASME standard including GDPR were also successfully renewed.


The IASME Governance standard, based on international best practice, is risk-based and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness, and data backup. It is recognised as the best cyber security standard for small companies by the UK Government when in consultation with trade associations and industry groups.

Best Practice

We believe this sort of assessment will give our customers confidence when dealing with 3SL.  It is a good reality check, and we would encourage our customers use similar precautions for their businesses. Whilst these assessments can provide confidence in your data security, the unexpected may happen. Whether this is a malicious attack, or simply  a power loss and failure of your UPS resulting in disk corruption. Alongside good data security, we would also recommend you always have a good backup plan for your Cradle data.

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