Earth Day 2020

An Earth Day Like No Other

Based on 3SL logo and Photo by ATC Comm Photo from PexelsIt’s 50 years since the launch of Earth Day, and now nearly 200 countries coordinate a celebration of our fabulous home, with an important message that we need to look after it.

We may be the current custodians of this planet, but we share it with many. To them and ourselves, we have a duty of care. This year more than ever has demonstrated our own fragility. It’s demonstrated how we’re maybe not as invincible as we like to believe. Nature can be a strange beast. Whilst we may not be able to control nature, we can do our bit to care for what we have and ensure we don’t damage it.

As designers,  manufacturers and producers we need to consider how and whether what we engineer is beneficial and as non damaging to the environment as possible.

Whether you decide to; pick up that bit of litter on your exercise walk; choose a lower carbon or no meat meal; print double sided paper; leave the light off and the curtains open longer we can all make a difference. If the project you are working on uses resources, make sure you build environment requirements into your design. Make sure they assess and where possible lower the impact of the solution you choose.