National Sunglasses Day 2017

Annually on June 27 National Sunglasses day commemorates the importance of wearing ultraviolet (UV)-protective  eye-wear #NationalSunglassesDay

It is time to stop viewing Requirements Management through rose tinted spectacles.

The importance of seeing requirements management tools clearly
Rose Tinted Views

If you really believe office tools are up to the job of helping plan and manage your most important developments, you could be looking through rose tinted spectacles.

All too often it is believed that a spreadsheet or word-processor document is sufficient to manage a set of requirements. Only when a project is asked to change a requirement or how they intend to test a feature do things become unstuck.

If a single component is used in a number of places in the project (whether this is a nut or a software module) how easy is it to find all the places that may need attention when the supplier changes the specification?

If something fails, how simple is it to get from the design backwards to the requirement that it was derived from or forwards to the test case that was used to demonstrate it?

Do yourself a favour on National Sunglasses Day 2017 and buy a shiny and bright requirements management tool ! Cradle for all your Requirements and Systems Engineering needs.