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When a query is run in WorkBench, the tool will return a list of the items matching the criteria specified.

As a Cradle database can contain any number of items of information a query could find 0 to 1 million items.

Items in Cradle Database
Items in Cradle Database

The time taken to find so many items could be excessive. Therefore, queries find and return items from the database in blocks. The default size of a block is 1000 items but can be extended to 8000 items in UI Control user preferences:

User Pref Options
Retrieve Item Options in User Prefs

This means that when you run a query it will return at most N items.

Navigating between Blocks of Data

When the block is shown in the WorkBench UI, it is preceded by Previous… and followed by Next….

If you select these, then the query is re-run to find the next block or the previous block of items.

Query showing Previous option
Query showing Previous option
Query showing Next option
Query showing Next option

In this example, clicking the Next… option will retrieve the next set of items in the query:

Query showing items
Query showing items

Selecting Previous… again will return you to the previous block of items.

Reporting Items

If you are creating a report or publishing a document using a query, it is likely that you would NOT wish to be restricted by blocks of items.

Reports allow you to specify:

  • Selected items – items highlighted in the query
  • All items in this set – the block of N items
  • All matching items in database – the totality of items matching the query criteria

    Publish Table Dialog
    Publish Table options