Privacy Policy – Update May 2018

Information We Collect and How we Use It


Under the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) we’ve updated our (Structured Software Systems Limited – 3SL)  Privacy Policy.

This sets out how we we deal with your information, and how you can get in touch with us.

We fully intend to keep in touch with all our customers, and prospects for which we have a legitimate business interest, or a need to service your contract.

If you believe you no longer fall into these categories, please use the un-subscribe link on any of our emails or write to us at our UK Headquarters or email

GDPR Privacy Policy
GDPR Coffee

A man walked into a coffee shop to order himself a drink.

Barista said “Wha’ d’ you want?”, before he’d had time to think.

“I’ll take a cappuccino, please, with sprinkles and a sugar or two”

“No prob’s I’ll have that in a jiffy, ready and tasty for you.
Just so I can make sure, you get your chosen drink,
I’ll need your name upon this cup, he said without a blink.

“That’s personally identifiable information, mate, which is mine to keep.
But if I know you’ll handle it right, a soundly I will sleep.
Can you show me your Privacy Policy, that’s in-line with GDPR,
if you can’t I’ll go to the drive-through down the road, in my little car”

The policy was provided, all typed up and neat,
All twenty six pages of it, hardly what you’d call a treat.
At the end the man was happy his named cup in bold,
would be retained no longer than necessary, but by then, his coffee, was cold!