Public Online Training Course – Risk Management October 2023

Risk Management 24th-25th October 2023

The second scheduled risk management course of 2023. Learn how to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat and monitor the risks associated with activities or events within your business with this year’s – Risk Management October 2023 course.

“A great opportunity for managers to understand and mitigate risks”

Cradle Online Course based on Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels
Online Risk Management Course

Businesses that have selected Cradle for their Risk management process can benefit from an in depth understanding on how Cradle can manage your risk process.

Risk Management Course 24th to 25th October 2023

“The Risk Management course is designed for project team leaders or managers who administer and manage Risks.

The Cradle Risk Course focuses on providing an introduction to Risk Management in Cradle. We will start by setting up the schema for a small example and use this to manage the risks and provide some example reports. In the final module, we provide a worked example.

However, if you have a larger team or wish to cover multiple topics, courses can be tailored and held at your premises / virtually depending on restrictions and requirements or online at a date and time to suit” see here.


October 24th – 25th  2023Risk ManagementOnline learning tutored course.
2 * ½ days.
£310+VATPC/Laptop – internet browser & Cradle installed **Soft copy course materials, and printed certificate

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