Shoulds and Shalls

Conformance Checker

Do you need to validate the quality of your Requirements?  Using Cradle’s Conformance Checker will help you sort the to sort the “shoulds” from the “shalls”. Validate your items’ text  with a set of regular expressions to ensure you have clear statements.

Picture of conformance checker output
Conformance check your “Shoulds” and “Shalls”

Language Analysis

There are numerous aspects you can search for in the Cradle Conformance Checker.

  1. Stipulations such as Shall and Must
  2. Expectations such as Should
  3. Desires such as Might
  4. Continuations such as  As Follows
  5. Exemplifications such as e.g.
  6. Detractions such as Around
  7. Incompletes such as TBD

These can all be altered to suit your language and product / engineering domain. They are written as Regular Expressions (Regexes) through the project setup.