Using a Company Templates for Document Publisher

Company Templates

Does your company use different types of Microsoft® Word template for different types of document? Did you know that you can use those company templates inside Document Publisher?

Document Publisher has different locations you can save the files to but it can also open files from outside these locations as well. These files will then be shown as ‘local’ and can then be edited in Document Publisher. Once you are happy with the company template it can be saved to any one of the locations the user has access to within Cradle.

Loading an External Template

Select the File menu and then New, then From Existing Template and select the template type the user wishes to open. Once the Template dialog opens, click the Local... button.

Opening New From Existing Template
Opening New From Existing Template
Document Publisher Open Template dialog
Document Publisher Open Template dialog

This will then open explorer in which the user can then locate and open the file they require.

Explorer through Document Publisher
Explorer through Document Publisher

This will then open the file named as NewTemplate and not as the name of the file you have opened from. Once you have added at least one tag, Document Publisher will allow you to save the template.

Saving a File

The first is to select the File menu and Save, then the Template dialog opens, the user can either save it to one of the locations they can access or as below, select the Local… button and rename and save it through Explorer.

Saving templates through Explorer
Saving templates through Explorer for Document Publisher

This will then save the file to that location and show in Document Publisher as (Local).

Showing template is saved Local
Showing the file is saved as Local and not in a Cradle Location.

This file when finished can then be saved into a Cradle location e.g. Project so it can then be published through WorkBench. To do this the user will click the File menu and then Save and when the Template dialog opens, select the Location the user requires and change the name they want the file to have.

Template Dialog using the Project Location
Saving in the Project location and new name for the file.

This will now show it is saved in the project location. This can be done to any location the user has access to.

Tempalte in project area
Template is now saved in the Project Location

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