January 2022 – Newsletter

Last Updated on 27th January 2022 by Graham Cotgreave

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2022

We hope all those celebrating over Christmas had a safe and happy time, and were not too badly affected by Covid 19. Welcome to the January 2022 – Newsletter.

Into a new year and a time to reflect on both your company’s achievements and problems. Whilst the turn of a date is nothing magical, the psychological effect of a new term can really help enthuse and help us focus.

If a project wasn’t quite on track, a root cause analysis can help identify where things went astray. Use this as a positive for new projects and look out for the ‘gotcha’ next time round. It is also important to identify the successes, the team and company can lever the feel-good factor on jobs well done.


Cradle Online Training
Online Cradle Training

We’re putting together this year’s public training course calendar.  These courses are open to all and are delivered online in a shared environment with a live instructor. The biggest benefit of live training is that you can ask questions as the course progresses.

If your company has a large number of trainees or wants the course tailoring contact salesdetails@threesl.com


Cradle 7.6 Splash screen
Cradle 7.6

If you have not already don’t forget to grab the latest Cradle 7.6.1 release: see https://www.threesl.com/blog/cradle-7-6-1-released/

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CSE Tweet 17th Dev 2021
CSE Tweet Dec 2021

We looked how encryption technology now fits in our palm rather than a filing cabinet!  and how the early pointer telegraph has progressed.

We looked at how to lock users out of a Cradle project so you can administer backups for example.



Complex project - Requirements management
Complex Project?

Whatever the scale of project you are starting in 2022 we can help with your Requirements Management.
That’s all for the January 2022 – Newsletter