Ways to Make a Cross Reference

Make Links

There are multiple ways to create cross reference links in Cradle.

Drag and drop the items to create a cross reference link, use the Link Details dialog to manually enter,  or use the ‘Make Link To‘ and the ‘Make Link From‘ option. The video above demonstrates how quick and simple these methods are.

A slightly more graphic method of producing cross references is to double-click, or right click and choose Create Cross Reference  on the inter linking cell in a Matrix.

Image of cross reference creation
Create Cross Reference in a Matrix

The cell also gives access to the items from the column and row that are referenced at the intersection, or details of the existing link between them


What can link to what, by whom and with what link type is controlled by link rules. Covered in this blog article.cross ref

Cross Reference Attributes

Each of these options creates a link. Each one can have sixteen user defined link attributes. These are defined in the Project Schema, if you don’t define any, Cradle will default to providing “Reason, Rationale, Reference and Note” for the first four attributes to get you started.